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The Human Factor podcast explores social change through the eyes of social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders. Join Erin and Mel every month as they surf the globe to interview social activists and change-makers from all walks of life.

Each episode is packed with stories, insights and practical tips to help you make social change happen. Meet your hosts.

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14 social entrepreneurs share their best advice

This month, we're celebrating 1 year of The Human Factor and we couldn't be prouder of our little audio baby. We’ve had some steep learning curves (like how to turn on a microphone) but the best part about recording a podcast that explores social change is our...

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S01. E15. The Voices of Season 1 (best of)

The Human Factor Podcast turns 1! Tune-in to our best of episode: 5 tips from 14 social entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact on the world. The show social change-makers can’t afford to miss!

S01 E14: Sandra - the voice for guilt-free shopping

For Episode 14, Sandra Capponi, co-founder of Good On You, tells us what it takes to launch an app for social change and how to know if your favourite brands are truly as good as they claim to be.

S01 E13: Jordyn - the voice to end plastic bags

Join us for Episode 13 with Jordyn de Boer, one half of Boomerang Bags – a thriving grassroots organisation working with the community to reduce Australia’s huge reliance on single-use plastic bags.

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The Human Factor is a labour of love from two dedicated social activists. Melanie and Erin worked together in the fight against cervical cancer and the rest of their story is yet to be written…

Melanie Roussin

Meet Melanie – your co-host and our fearless leader.

After hanging her Master of Health Promotion on the wall next to her MBA, Melanie found herself at a crossroads in her decade-long career. Having spent the last couple of years raising awareness of cervical cancer, she didn’t wish to get back in the rat race she’d leapt out of after her own cancer diagnosis in 2012. Instead, she put her passion for ‘good people who care’ into creating The Human Factor to celebrate the people that fight for what’s right. When she is not podcasting, you’ll find Mel in front of a uni class coaching her health promotion students on how to drive social change and engage communities to take control over their health. In between, Melanie enjoys yoga and paleo cooking, feeds her friends maple syrup candies from her native Canada, and spends time by the ocean. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Erin Mccabe

Meet Erin – your co-host and social media extraordinaire.

Driven by the power of passionate people, Erin’s journey to The Human Factor has been a colourful one. Year after year, she has convinced thousands of Australians to brave the bush and walk countless kilometres to challenge poverty with Oxfam Trailwalker. But, the Queen of Fundraising didn’t stop at World Poverty: Erin has been rallying volunteers and communities to eliminate cervical cancer. Erin has travelled to developing countries to bring equal access to vaccination, screening and treatment while working as the National Community Engagement Manager for the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. With The Human Factor, Erin is exploring fresh ideas that can help non-profits and social entrepreneurs strive in helping others. Besides being an energetic trekker, Erin  is also a new bride and is passionate about cats and recyclable, handmade fashion. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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